About Kosovo


Kosovo is an independent state in South-East Europe. Its capital is Pristina. Majority of population is Albanian while other communities include Serbs, Turks, Bosniaks, Croats, Gorani, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians. As an ex federative unit of Yugoslavia, Kosovo is the last to attain the independence as a result of bloody dissolution of the federate, declaring the independence in February 2008.


Lying in the center of Balkan Peninsula, Kosovo has an altitude which varies of 400 to 700 meters (in plain), whereas the lowest point of 297 meters is in Vërmica, on the border with Albania. Two plain regions are separated and surrounded by sharp Ghats on the height of 2.000 to 2.500 meters. The highest peak is Gjeravica which reaches the high of 2.656 meters and has an altitude of 811 meters.

Kosovo’s clime is influenced by continental air masses, and is characterized by cold winters with heavy snowfalls, and by dry and hot autumns and summers. In the different areas and altitudes there are also Mediterranean and Alpine influences. The Kosovo’s hydrography has some important rivers that run towards all regional seas. White Drin (Drini i Bardhë ) is the longest river with 122 kilometers, which in Albania joins with the Black Drin (Drinin e Zi) and together run towards Adriatic Sea. Nerodimka (Nerodime) river that flows out from Nerodime Mountains, and runs towards Lepenci river, in geographical terms is known as bifurcation. Although this geographic phenomena is artificial, is good to mention that it is the only bifurcation in our continent. Whereas artificial reservoirs of Gazivoda, Radoniç, Batllava and Badovc are the biggest lakes in Country.

There are 52 protected areas in Kosovo: parks, monuments, natural zones etc.


Kosovo has a lot of natural attractions, as: Accursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Nemuna), Mirusha’s Lakes (Liqenet e Mirushës), Mirusha’s Waterfalls (Ujëvarat e Mirushës), Gadime Caves (Shpella e Gadimes), Gjeravica, Drini Springs & Waterfalls (Ujëvarat e Drinit), Radaci Cave (Shpella e Radacit) , Brezovica, Luboten, Liçenati Mountain (Bjeshka e Liqenatit) , Redstone Peak (Maja e Gurit të Kuq), Perforated Stone (Guri i shpuem) etc. And architectonic-historic attractions: Prizren Fortress (Kalaja e Prizrenit), Saint Bridge (Ura e Fshejtë), Vushtri Castle (Kalaj e Vushtrisë), museums and objects of cult.