About us

Kosovo Film Commission (KFC) is an organ that aims to provide audiovisual, national and international producers with the information regarding locations, technical and professional facilities of Kosovo. This project was set out as a need to attract cinematographic national and international productions. So, the first aim of this project is promoting Kosovo’s film industry as well as Kosovo’s locations which are found suitable for shooting.

Same as all such organizations around the world, KFC is a non-profit organization which aims to help both national and international cinematography, especially TV productions, films, documenters, advertising, theatre. KFC serves as an interface between administrations of municipalities and cinematographic industry, especially in receiving of permit ions for shooting. The purpose of KFC, as in the other countries, is to support the film producers towards finding proper places for shooting and other services such: Locations, technical staff, casting, accommodation, transportation etc., but in a lower price. KFC also introduces Kosovo’s cities to the world and helps in promoting Kosovo’s cinematography outside the country.

The center of Kosovo Film Commission is in Pristina.