Shooting here

Shooting here!

Kosovo Film Commission provides information and intercession between producers and the public administration, in order to facilitate obtaining permits for filming, accelerating procedures and reducing costs. KFC organizes coordination meetings for the preparation of shooting and offers beautiful locations for filming, through the website, and through the managers locations, who are experts of the territory of Kosovo. The big deal of Kosovo Film Commission is the guarantee of the same services, but with a lower cost than other European countries. Through Kosovo Film Commission the time of realization of the movie is faster and easier.
We offer the same services for national films and for international films, with high quality and low cost. We can facilitate the implementation process of filming, using the agreements that we have reached with institutions for obtaining permits for all potential sites for filming in Kosovo.
We support the directors, the actors and the technical staff during the filming.
For more information about shooting in the territory of Kosovo, please contact us.